Portfolio Website - Your feedback is alway appreciated. :-)

Hi there,

After almost four weeks of work, I can proudly present my very own portfolio website.
I learned a lot during the process, adjusted my ideas according to my skills and I’m very pleased with the outcome.

Feedback is always appreciated. :slight_smile:

My site: https://adrian-lesch.com/
My GitHub-repo: GitHub - AdrianLesch/PortfolioWebsiteAdrianLesch: This is the repo for my personal portfolio website where I show my Bio, CV, Skills and Projects.


Hi Adrian

I think this looks great!

Just a couple of minor things:

The layout looks really good on my laptop screen. I also have a (wide) external monitor and the “Background” section expands across the entire screen - I think for wider screens it might look better to have a bit more space between the content and the edge of the screen.

Clicking on some of buttons in the “Job Experience” section causes the width of the “Curriculum Vitae” box to change - I think it’d look better if the width stayed the same.

The comment displayed at the top of the source code is a great idea!


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Hi @cassian-goode,

Thank you so much for your message and you constructive feedback!
Widescreens was indeed something I totally forgot about, I fixed that now. :slight_smile:
Also the “Curriculum Vitae”-box has a fixed width now, so it won’t change width when the dropdown buttons are pressed.

Again thank you very much, that helped to improve my website. :slight_smile: