Portfolio website- welcome feedback!

Hi guys!

Here is my Portfolio
and GitHub repo.

It took a week to build it and was just the right level for me.
In this website, I used them :arrow_down: for the first time by myself;

  • Change these colors dark/light mode by the check button

  • Accordion setting

This time, I chose sans-serif fonts (Open-sans, etc.) but I feel slightly boring them…
Is there any other better font family that fits this website?
(Always it’s a bit hard for me to decide on the alphabet- fonts for a website)

Thanks for visit here.



I love your portfolio - the simplicity, the color scheme, and the light/dark mode (congratulations, by the way!)

I personally also love your fonts, but since you (the most important judge) feel bored by them, maybe try doing serif, monospace, even display? Or a mix of fonts. Below are some that I suggest, though you definitely don’t have to try/use them.




Or maybe some different sans-serif fonts:

Great job on finishing your portfolio website!! I hope this list of fonts helps out! :slight_smile:

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I’m really glad to get a comment from you!
And the font list is a great suggestion! ( It’s also fun to check all fonts at google fonts!)
It helps me a lot soon later, I think! Thank you.

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Thank you! (Hehe, it really is.)
You’re welcome, happy to help!
Happy coding!

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Oops, something else I forgot. Your footer stays black when you change to dark mode, so it’s difficult to see, unlike the rest of the text which changes to white.

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Thanks. I didn’t notice it.
I’ve fixed it. :relaxed:

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Hi there,

I must admit that your web is very nice and clean!
Although I have one advice for you. When I toggle on dark mode and then leave your web and after that go back, your web is in light mode again. What I’m trying to say is that the browser doesn’t remember last setting made on your webpage.

If you want this feature on your web, search for .localStorage or check my code here in app.js → GitHub - serclino/myPortfolio :slight_smile:


I appreciate you giving nice tips and suggestions!
I’ll try it!
Oh… your portfolio website is very interactive and nice…!
I was inspired much. Thank you. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I could fix the “dark-light theme” button !
Thanks for helping!

I also watched a youtube javascript tutorial Dark Mode JavaScript toggle using localStorage,
and some tutorials on the web “Get / change the selected state of the check box” (it’s a Japanese site.)

Very nice! :slight_smile: You’re welcome.
And thanks for your kind words about my portfolio!

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