Portfolio website: So excited to share and be done with the first iteration!

Hi Everyone!
This project took me roughly 3 weeks to complete. I spent a ton of time designing and then a ton more time on making each page responsive. …That was the hardest part for me because my home page has an animation that requires changing the position which makes it difficult (for a newbie) to adjust for responsiveness with grid.

I learned SO MUCH just by doing and trying and I’m sure everyone feels similar.
I am still tweaking for responsiveness, but here it is:





looking forward to look at other’s work and having conversations!



This looks amazing! Fantastic job! I think the only note I have would be to hide the scrollbars to keep that minimalistic look. This is great!

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thanks for the feedback. My sister, who is a UX, UI designer said I need to redo the projects page as a whole because she said it’s not a normal interaction to have to scroll like that for information. So I think I’m going to re-design the page so the explainer portion is to the side or the bottom of each site and then make the picture a link that goes to each site.

Do you have a portfolio site?

Congratulations on completing your project! It’s great to hear that you learned so much through the process of designing and making each page responsive. It’s understandable that adjusting for responsiveness can be challenging, especially with animations involved. Keep up the good work and don’t hesitate to keep tweaking for further improvements.

I also use your strategy to complete my customer’s website. My APK House now is one of the best website to downloads games.

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That would be a good idea! What are your plans as of now for it?

I do have a portfolio website, but it’s pretty basic, I’m looking forward to adding to it as the months go on.

I like the scroll effect on the website, though it gets stuck on my browser in the projects section and I have to click out of it to scroll up again. Just FYI. …We all gotta start somewhere right!?

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nice website! I’m not a gamer but this is very built out!

Yes, I need to fix that, right now, that is set so that the user can’t use shift and the scroll wheel to side-scroll the gallery, but the plan is to change that so that the selected tile is based on the scroll position of the div. Thank you!

Hey Rachel!!

Congrats!!! Your website is very interesting and pretty nice!!

I can figure out how many hours your project cost!! Mine is far away simple and it took me a lot of time!!

Good luck in your path!!
If you have time to give me some feedback too: Your portfolio website is nothing but BEAUTIFUL!! It’s a delight see how your branding, colors and typography works together!! Love it!!!

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Great work! I really like the simplicity. A really fun animation is the blinking eyes on the home page. You definitely gave me some ideas to make my own portfolio. I’m at 33% in the Full Stack Engineering path and am not too far behind you. Your portfolio is really inspiring!! Keep building!

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Congrats on getting your portfolio featured!

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