Portfolio Website - Please Feedback

I spent the entire day creating this project, aiming for a fully interactive experience. It’s a single-page website packed with JavaScript functionalities, like:

  • The pages are opened using JavaScript. In the future, once I’ve completed backend lessons, I plan to implement AJAX content loading. For now, all content is hidden within the same HTML file;
  • I’ve added functions to calculate my age between dates and to count the characters entered in a textarea element on the web form;
  • Used flex and grid for positioning elements on the web page;
  • Used git and Github to commit versions, and keep and clone project between my desktop PC and laptop.

Check it out:
Live version
Github code repository

Any feedback or bug reports are greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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really cool!
I didn’t find any bugs although there is a grammar error in the “I’m 39 y.o. full stack web developer from Boston, MA” when it should have an “a” before the 39.

Thank you for your feedback. I’ve addressed the error you pointed out and made additional corrections in the text. Furthermore, I have added pictures to the projects page and compressed them for optimization.

For image compression, I use this resource, which allows you to compress multiple files simultaneously:

I found another bug.
The header position shifts upward when the user clicks on a page button. This behavior is contingent upon the flex-direction, either row or column, which determines its position using justify-content or align-content. However, if the user opens the page in a narrow window while the flex-direction is set to column, and then expands it to a row, the content positioning style remains unchanged. To fix this bug, I added an event listener to window resize events to monitor the flex-direction property and adjust the header position accordingly.