Portfolio Website: Looking for Reviews and Suggestions

Hey, Everyone.

I would love it if you checked out my portfolio website and gave some suggestions or feedback.
I used flexbox a lot with this project and you could really tell haha and tried to add a bit of javascript for a mobile menu.
try resizing the window and let me know if you notice anything wonky or out of place.

Website: Personal Website
Github Repo: Source Code

Thanks for stopping by!

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Good job Eric! For me, my personal taste, the website is really dark, maybe you could add a light-mode. The header is really big in comparison to the content of the website. The single projects in the project section could get a little more space and a couple of lines of presentation. But good job overall: it works! :raised_hands: :+1:

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nice work eric! a critique i have pertains to accessibility for all users. have you tried to run your site through a check via lighthouse on devtools or contrast checker ? the ‘about me’ section might be a little short on contrast.

i do love your neon header effect!

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