Portfolio Website feedback & suggestions

Hello there :slight_smile:
Just finished my Portfolio Website project. Feel free to leave any feedback and suggestion.
Thank you! Much appreciated :slight_smile:



Great Site! I’d work on the changing the fonts to make them pop out more, and centering your skills instead of aligning them to the left. Also what’s up with the pop up?

Good job, it looks like a really professional site and I really like your style.

  • I don’t know if they are not linked yet or if there is a problem but when you click the projects they don’t link with the actual project/repository…
  • In the contact form, I recommend to put type=“email” that will check if it is an email (something@something.some). It would be good to add the required keyword to the input so they put all data… Finally, the form is not working… you can use action=”mailto:contact@yourdomain.com” to make a popup open to send you an email or use some backend service like getform.io (there is a free plan).

But in general, great job, well done :wink:

Thank you very much for the feedback and suggestions! Definitely needs some correction, but thanks for checking it out! Cheers!

Thank you very much!
I will recheck the things! With a lot of practice should be better !
Cheers! Have a lovely day!

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Great job, it looks great.