Portfolio website - feedback needed

Hey all,

I’ve really enjoyed testing out all that I’ve learnt during this portfolio project. It took me about 3 weeks on and off.

I’m looking for feedback around responsiveness. Have I done enough?

Here’s the link to my repo: Jess Cantoni Portfolio Website
Jess x

Great Job! I love the color scheme of your site.

You asked for feedback on responsiveness. I noticed you didn’t use media queries on your project. My style I tend to use Grid Layout and then change the way the grid layout looks, with different size screens, using media queries. That is one way to help on phone size screens, allowing your portfolio images to stack instead of shrinking the size of the image.

Keep up the great work! Happy Coding!

Thank you for responding!! Oh that’s so weird. I have one media query… is it not visible in the style.css?
That’s a good idea about using grid layout though. I’ve been using flex much more often.


Ahh, I did overlook the media query. I went back and saw you did used one.

Happy Coding!

Phew! Glad there wasn’t some sort of error with committing changes from Visual Studio!