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Hi all,

Here’s the link to my portfolio: Portfolio.

It is brief and not much, but I welcome any feedback. Thank you!



I like your website, nice and easy to read. One thing I saw when I loaded it is that your picture is very large it took a while to load. If you compress/lower the resolution it should be much faster.

Thanks for sharing,


Thank you very much for the feedback. I noticed that same thing just now so I appreciate you pointing it out.


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I tried to make the image smaller. I’m no image editing expert, so I welcome any further feedback on whether or not that helped. Thanks again,


Yes I think it loaded a bit faster! If you check the size of your image in your file explorer you can see that the original is 15MB. Generally you want them to be < 300KB.

You can compress/resize with lots of different tools. Easiest way is probably just to use a web app like this:

if you drag your image in, choose best quality, and then resize for mobile that should get you < 300KB.

For more options GIMP is a free open source editor https://www.gimp.org/

Hope that helps!

Thanks again for the tip! So, after your first message, I used GIMP and was able to shrink it from around 35MB to 15MB. This time, I used the online tool that you recommended and was able to get it down to around 5MB. This will be a process:-)

Thanks again,


Looks really good, easy to read, great, I would like to call a professional. Here is mine https://create.vista.com/colors/color-names/maroon/ , rate it, write how you like it, it is very important to know the opinion of those who know a lot about this

Thank you very much. I clicked on the link you provided and I think your site looks very good. I honestly don’t have any feedback I can give you as I think it looks very nice.

Good day to all. Dude, your portfolio is really cool. I’m finishing mine now. In general, I am engaged in architecture, I work in a good company. I make a project, and then the guys from https://www.homequote.io/roofing/san-diego-ca bring it to life. A team of professionals, so to speak :slight_smile: