Portfolio Project

I have made my portfolio project: Jair Morocho (moroeljair.github.io)My portfolio
I would like to receive some ideas about what I can improve in it.

Hi @jairmorocho99 ! I got a couple of ideas:

  1. You can change the position property of the header so it is fixed on top. With this, the header is always inside the viewport even when the user scrolls down.
  2. There are some clickable elements in your project (like the flags for changing the language). Try using the property cursor: pointer so the user knows when something is clickable.
  3. At the bottom you have your LinkedIn and GitHub accounts. Make them anchors (<a href> ...</a>) so the user can easily find you on those platforms. Try to make those anchor open a new window so the user still has your site at hand.

I found the project “Code Similarity Detector” description quite interesting. I tried to access the repo but the link isn’t working. Would be good if you could fix it.

Great job!