Portfolio Project!

Hello everyone! I hope you all enjoy my portfolio page and that it might even help other with inspiration for their own! If you have any feedback I would love to hear it. I spent a lot of time making this page how I wanted it and hopefully will add to it in the future and make it even better than it is now!

Anyways here is the link to the webpage Portfolio Page
And the github repo as well here


Hey Nick,

Love your site - especially love how the rocket at the top of the page takes off as you scroll down. Very cool!

A couple of things I would improve:

  1. I wish your nav bar was fixed on to the top of the page as you navigate through the page.
  2. There’s a couple of typos - just go through and pay close attention to everything you’ve written (developer and development), though the content is great!
  3. I can’t read the bottom two lines of text directly underneath your “skills” icons - black text on black background.
  4. The “About Me” section overlaps the “Works” heading.

But like I say, I love the rocket, I love how the boxes and skill icons move with the mouse, and I love your ambition - “help make [code] what it will be in the future”!

Great work. Keep it up.


Hi there! Really like the site. I’m very new to coding/web dev so I would love to know how you created the pictures/background on your site? Would love to have a go at creating graphics like this myself sometime.
Many thanks, and keep on coding!

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