Portfolio Project

I really did enjoy this project spent 5 days on it though. I have done the steps. As well I have implemented the JavaScript behaviour where I used Intersection Observer where the content are sliding in from left or right as well as an Event Listener for the input toggle i designed so when it is pressed the page is changed to a dark theme black background.

I had a lot of fun with this project will implement the email, my email to be contacted b future employers some time later feel i need to move on to the next chapter thats why i stopped lol

code link: → GitHub - CustomHaven/portfolio

and direct page link: → My Portfolio


Great work Mohamed ! I really like the animations and the Dark Theme ! Would you mind sharing how you did the toggle switch to dark mode ?

Dude I like this great job. I did notice two grammatical errors.

“List of all my aquired skills so for will input more as I master more.”

So for I think you mean so far? Sentence is split so can put a comma or semicolon or period there (so far, I will input more as I master them.)

The last one.

“Helped other build” should be (Helped others build)

I hope this helps and I hope you land the position you want to take your career higher!!

Best of Luck Mohamed.