Portfolio project


Please let me know what you think!

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Welcome to the forums!

Well, your site features a cat, so, I’m sold. :cat: :smiley:

Looks good! :partying_face:

Some thoughts:

  • Don’t put your address on there. Maybe use a P.O. box or, just an email would suffice. Or, maybe add a basic form that a visitor could fill out and submit to you if they want to contact you(?)

  • One thing that might add a little bit to it is if you can link your GitHub profile/repos and your LinkedIn profile as icons at the bottom of your “About Me” page.

What do you think?

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All very good ideas, thanks for the notes and i’ll get to those in a few!

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Nice! I really like the color scheme and layout. And you had me at cats. The explanation of the name for the site also give it a very personal touch that I find appealing. So much in business is impersonal, but does it have to be?

There’s one typo that caught my attention — I think you meant to use ‘throes’ instead of ‘throws’ on the About page.

Curious to see what you’ll do next!

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Hi! I really like it. I looked around and I noticed that the footers were a bit big, and so it might be more comfortable if it were slightly smaller to fit the text. Also I noticed you were missing a favicon! I hope you add one soon.