Portfolio Project

I want to build a Team working on a project I have in mind.
The is going to develop a Plattform to help local businesses generate more Revenue. The Plattform is supposed to work similarly to delivery services. The critical difference is that the Business using the service ships actual Products.
Delivery times could be very fast by looking for local businesses. The Business gets more sales by merging E-commerce with local shopping, and the customer has a pleasant experience by only using one more Plattform.
I’m only a student with experience working in our family business, which makes it, of course, hard for me to pay right away. Therefore, the first goal is to develop a Prototype with you guys and girls to attract clients and investors. This is a chance for everybody willing to work with me to have at least a great Portfolio Project.
The chances, especially with the Market right now, are, however, significant. Nothing significant ever was built entirely alone.
The Project is starting in Germany.
Message me if you are interested. I’m looking forward for a great time and meeting incredible people.
Kind Regards
Cyrus Scholten