Portfolio Project Website

Here is my official first portfolio project website, I decided to try to market myself with it using a company name. The URL I bought is https://silkwebdev.com

Please check it out, any feedback is appreciated,
Thank you very much,
Logan Thomas

Hey there, really nice website!
I like the colors style and I found the “typing” animation to be really cool! :hushed:
Just a couple of things:

  • You could add a brief description of yourself
  • The project images take quite a long time to load, you could take a look to put them in a less quality format…
  • I don’t know if it is just my browser but it appears a horizontal bar scroll for a couple of pixels (take a look at the paddings/margins of the content)

For the rest, I think it’s really nice. Great job! :smile:
You can find mine here

Hey Logan, well done! Just to add to what @iamclaire said - the animation on the page title is really cool and works great, but I would really strongly advise against using it for the long string of text on your contact page. It’s one thing if the whole paragraph takes less than a second to write out, but as it is, it’s writing much slower than my reading speed - you can imagine if someone actually wanted that information, that would be super annoying because they have to wait for the text to actually appear before they can read it.

One option could be that you leave it so the title gets ‘typed out’ and then the paragraph appears all at once, maybe with a slight fade in or something - it means you can still have that animation, which is fun, but you’re not holding the reader hostage to the same extent.

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