Portfolio Project v1.0

Hey all,

Thanks for checking out my portfolio site.

First, I just want to say that I’m really not the creative type when it comes front end so please be forgiving :smiley:

Since I’m really behind design trends and am not much of a designer anyway I tried to go with a simple design and focus on responsiveness and practise some JS.

The site features:

  • sticky nav with some hover effects on links
  • a banner with some CSS animations which is a complete joke and will be redesigned one day probably with svg or gif animation (always wanted to try CSS animations so thought this would be a great time)
  • smooth scroll (it does have an issue: when scrolling backwards it seems to overscroll)
  • reveal effect with Intersection Observer
  • contact form with fromspree
  • used both grid/flex
  • tabbed contents

The idea was to have a site for both my web and data projects so I use a switch between the two.

I also made it as accessible as I could with adding roles and aria labels.
I checked it with WebAIM and found 3 contrast issues and two missing labels on the form, both are design choices tho.

Due to lack of complete projects I left some tiles as ‘Coming soon’, these will be filled/extended once I start completing projects.

Feel free to click around and open it up on different devices and browsers (developed on Chrome and only done some basic optimisation)

Let me know what you think, cheerios :wink:

Rob Czikkel Portfolio site

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