Portfolio Project - U.S. Med Costs - Feedbacks welcomed and needed

Thank you all in advance for reviewing this for me!

This is my first ever project, and it took me about 4-5 hours to finish. While my scoping is pretty simple and easy to carry out, I find this project to be an excellent chance to review my basic Python skills!

Here is the link to my repo: GitHub - lephnganh/US-Medical-Insurance-Data

Hope you all are having a great day and good luck to every learner like me out there!

I think you have the base of a really great project. I would probably avoid having the printed out statements of all the data like you currently have now, because it doesn’t do much to show analysis and it makes the project a bit difficult to follow.

I think the best part of your project is the class you created to do some analysis. It might have been helpful to have some sort of visualization of the data as well.

The dictionary you created to give each patient an ID number was also a good idea, but once again it feels like you could take it a step further and do some more in-depth analysis. Right now, it’s just a dictionary of all the patients. What if you did some more analysis to find something like how many patients are there in the Southeast region who smoke and have at least 1 child? And then compare that to the number of non-smokers with kids in the Southeast. That’s just an example but analysis like that might provide some more interesting context surrounding the dataset.

Overall though, well done, you’re well on your way to a really interesting analysis.