Portfolio Project: Python Terminal Game: Workout Generator

Hi, this is my very first project in any language. I’ve been learning python with the help of codecademy for 5 weeks now and so far this is the culmination of my 5 weeks of learning python.

So just a little bit of context about the project; it is but a simple workout generator. User will input his/her available equipment(dummbbells, bands, none.), his/her fitness level, (beginner, intermediate, advanced) and how long does he/she wants to workout in minutes. Then it will generate an appropriate workout based on the user’s input. It’s a projec t that i hae been thinking about of doing for a long time even before i started learning how to code and I plan on iterating this project every step of the way in this journey. The project is ery simple but as I continue, I plan to add more features and hopefully turn this into a fully functioning workout app.

Thank you and please leave your comments and anything I can work on to improve my code. https://github.com/Nomeri0/workout_generator/blob/main/workout_generator.py