Portfolio project (Proof of concept)

After a weekend of coding, I’m happy to present my Portfolio Project!

Live demo: https://digicommons.github.io/
Code: https://github.com/digicommons/digicommons.github.io

For now it’s more of a proof of concept, since I haven’t included any real projects and personal information yet.

The project was really enjoyable and fit very well into the curriculum. I tried to incorporate as many of the lessons learned, but some things still need work, f.e.:

  • Accessibility: While I tried to use semantic HTML, the project showcase sections seems not to be accessible via keyboard. Also, I’ve yet to add ARIA roles and proper alt-text.
  • Responsive design: The website was coded mobile-first and has media queries for desktop displays. Tablet displays seem to break the layout, though, so this might need a bit of care.
  • Still unsure about the social links/icons bar on mobile

Some things I’m quite proud of:

  • Using a “for…of”-loop and destructuring to open and close the modals (built with <dialog> element, inspired by Kevin Powell)
  • Dark-mode support

I hope, you like the website too, and I’d be really happy to get some feedback!