Portfolio Project: Personal Portfolio Website

Hello, It’s me again.
I am posting my personal protfolio website I built.
I am hoping to get feedback both negative and positve so that I may get better
Thank you for your time.

here is the link to the site: Portfolio

here is the link to the repositories: GitHub - apin1992/maria

Did I do that right?

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Here are my suggestions, which are based on my opinion. Please note that these suggestions are not mandatory or compulsory:

  • For the heading I would suggest you to use Montserrat Font and keep it bold. It looks very aesthetic.
  • Try to remove this space in the right side. Try to keep the projects in centre. Right now it seems like they are aligned on left.
  • Use different colours for these. When you use black background then make sure you use good colours for widget will will be over that background so it looks better. This also depends on overall website/app theme but that comes later for beginning use the famous colours which devs use over black grounds I will suggest some down below.

Try with:

  • White:

    • Hex Code: #FFFFFF
  • Light Gray:

    • Hex Code: #CCCCCC
  • Silver:

    • Hex Code: #C0C0C0
  • Cyan:

    • Hex Code: #00FFFF
  • Electric Blue:

    • Hex Code: #00BFFF
  • Using pure white looks good too like my last app. You will see I’m only using black and white combo here.

  • For subheading try Poppins font with medium or semi bold. Some more are Roboto, Open Sans, Lato, and Raleway. These are the ones I use a lot.

  • I would suggest you to attack your own wok proofs if you are attaching your hobbies in the portfolio. Like if I say one of my hobby is creating Blender animations. So if I’m sending users to somewhere else and it is acting as link then I would better send to my blender animations instead of random link. Like for your reading part it’s taking me to a dictionary site but you could’ve created a hashnode article on what books you are currently reading or completed reading and had it linked here.

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Thank you for taking the time to help me improve. I very much appriciate the feedback, I will get to work on improving my site with the new suggestions.

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Hi there.
I am not an experienced developer but I can suggest using some evaluation tools like, for example wave.webaim.org where you can check the accessibility of the site.
You have some Contrast Errors and some Alerts. Check it out!


Good luck with the changes. Looking forward to see your changes.

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Holy Moly I didn’t even know I had that many errors, not just on my portfolio site but on each of my projects. Thank you for pointing that out. I can get to work on fixing as many as those as I can.