Portfolio Project: Personal Portfolio Website


Here is my personal portfolio website :



Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Happy coding.

Hey Sors, I have to commend you on making an effort to create a website as we all are doing. I like the banner! You sound like you’re an AI, and that’s really cool. I only viewed this on my mobile device, haven’t viewed it on my laptop yet. But on the mobile device, it needs some work. The about me section text is all cramped together, it needs a wide container so that the text can flow, you know. The navigation links also need some spacing around each other. If it’s a flex container, try using space around or space between as justify content. And lastly, the contact section needs to size down a little bit. Just my suggestions though.

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Hello! Only got a chance to view the mobile website and it’s not legible. I know it’s an undertaking good luck to you!