Portfolio Project: Personal Portfolio Website

Hi, I’ve just finished my Personal Portfolio Project. I am currently looking for some feedback here, I hope you can help me!

It took me about 2 and half weeks (working on it about 8-10 hours a week).

You can access to my portfolio here.

Thanks for reading!

I like the theme, however, I would make some space between the content, some margin between the sections.

Love the light-dark theme switch!

One thing to improve would be that both your links and headlines use underline as decoration. This way as a user I can never really see what is a link and clickable and what is not.

Also as the content is quite minimalstic I would try to go bold with the typography and increase sizes and try out different fonts.

The animated logos are very cool!
The only feedback I could give is that your text could wrap instead of going out across the page for a cleaner looks.