Portfolio Project - Personal Portfolio Website - Feedback

Hi guys,

This is my Portfolio website. It was quite challenging with regards to getting the website responsive and also use of some JS. Here’s a link to my repository and git pages.:


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Woah, your portfolio is amazing!
I like the way your name is animated, and the particle effect in the background behind your picture really nice.
In your About Me section, it seems to have cut off some text. It seems to stop mid-sentence at “I had limited experience .”
For your projects, though you have the Github link, adding a link to the created/hosted project site would make it easier for viewers to see what you did (mostly in case they don’t know how to view it on Github).

Adding a form would be perfect too, maybe right above or below your social media links? I’ve been told that having your email, personal or work-wise, could lead to heavy spam if you’re unlucky sadly! :frowning: So it’s better to have a form so you have more control over who’s going to spam you (and your personal info is out there freely!)

Your portfolio looks so great, 10/10! I’m super excited to get where you’re at and create my own. :smiley:

Thank you very much. I have noticed the About Me has been cut off, will get around to change this. I agree that the hosted project would be better in another form, I think GitHub only allows one hosted page and not sure about hosting a Java-script project, I think code pen is a good platform, do you know of any others? Great idea, about the form, I’ll look into Google on how to get that done. Thanks for the feedback. Give me a message when you’ve finished yours.

I’ve heard really good things about Netlify; they’re free and apparently relatively easy and common to use as a hosting service! Codepen is my go-to at the moment too though, but I wasn’t sure if it gave you the “normal” website format or if would just output in the same Codepen format (has the HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc. visible on the side). I’m going to look more into hosting on Codepen though, that would be perfect if you could host via them.

I’ll make sure to send you a message when I finish my portfolio, thank you so much!

Good work!

I’d recommend uploading your site onto Netifly if you get a chance, i host mine through there and found it super easy to use.