Portfolio Project: Mixed Messages

Hey guys, this is my attempt at the mixed messages. I found quite easy but i do admit that I’ve done a basic and simple app.

Here’s the link for my code and all tips are welcome: GitHub - ajlubassa/Projects


Nice job. It works!
(I like the topic too!)

Another way to do it would be to not create randomised “component” arrays every time, (as in not make an rVerb or rConclusion array) but instead just access the original arrays randomly. If you were to have more arrays (say you had 10 arrays) that you needed to randomise and join together, then it would be better to make a function that accesses a random index of each array and pulls out the content, instead of creating new randomised copies of the arrays each time.

Again, nice work!


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Oh great, I’ll definitely try it next time.
Thanks for the tip