Portfolio Project: Mixed Messages - Horrible Haikus, personal extension, not the project itself

Hi all, here is an extended solution/personal challenge for the mixed messages project.

I decided to set up a haiku generator, but as I hadn’t had much sleep and was feeling a little grumpy, I decided to also do an insult generator (so please excuse the bad language)!

I found the initial project relatively easy, and got it up and running in node fairly quickly. I saw a lot of people decided to store the arrays as objects, could someone explain how this would be easier? I found it easier to just keep it as three separate arrays for the function.

The hardest part for this I found was thinking of ideas, I’d say that the actual coding side of it took only about 30-60 mins total.

Once I got it up and running I decided to try and expand on this, by taking the JS and implementing it onto a website, which is what I’ve linked below. I wanted to do this as I wanted to practice using HTML and CSS and to teach myself how to implement JS in an HTML file.
The main difference in the JS is the output of the code, as now it is editing the HTML file, where before it was just returning the output in Node.

Please let me know what you think of this extension, as I used git to keep track of changes, I can also restore the JS to a previous version if anyone would like to look at the initial project before I went a little further.


Code: GitHub - cedread/horrible_haikus: This is an attempt at Codecademy's Mixed Messages JavaScript Project. I decided to take this further by attempting to incorporate the JS into a responsive webpage, so took the time to teach myself how to do this too.