Portfolio project: Mixed Messaged Feedback

Hello everyone!

I’ve just completed the mixed messages portfolio project and would love to get feedback from the community.
I decided to make a short and simple project, that generates random messages about food preferences.
Thanks to the course syllabus leading up to this project, I did not find it too difficult, however, I decided to write a very easy and simple program so that could be why.

Here is the link to my project: GitHub - shafihi/message-generator

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I like it! Simple yet effective. I see you’re grasping the content pretty easily which is awesome to see.

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Thanks! In your opinion, is this project complex enough to end up on a portfolio website?

Personally I would not add this to a portfolio website. It shows an understanding of fundamentals but you want your portfolio to showcase the peak of your capabilities. Save that space for more complex projects down your learning path.

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Makes sense. Thanks!