Portfolio Project: Medical Insurance

Good evening!

I am new to the coding life. I am at 32% in the Data Science Analytics career path but I am struggling with my first project where I am forced to use my python on my device. I feel as though I am typing my code correctly, but nothing is happening and I am not sure where I should be seeing anything happen since this is my first time using python vs the codecademy setup.

This the code I am trying to use to read the file. I opened the file with notepad to see what it looked like, but I would like to be able to view the file through python so I can begin the tasks for the project. I am stressing out because I cannot even get past something this basic. Please help.

Did you figure it out yet?
Did you create a file for your project? Does it tell you to use an IDE, like VS Code or Jupyter Notebook, or Google Colab?
Please include a link to the course lesson so we can see the instructions.

I did not figure it out. It did give me the option to work with Jupyter Notebook so I resorted to using the notebook instead of trying to figure out how to open the file with python.

The link to the project is Medical Insurance Portfolio Project

Were you able to import the csv file into the notebook and open it?

Yes! I saved the file onto the notebook database first, then I was able to import easily.

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