Portfolio Project:Life Expectancy and GDP Project Feedback

Hello :wave: everyone,
This is my first time sharing my project. I enjoyed this project and made some good visualizations. I would love to hear your feedback on my visualizations and my analysis.

This is the Github repository’s link:


Good work! :slight_smile:

I have only couple of comments:

  • You did a correlation analysis - that’s cool! I was not sure if we can use this method based on the sample size and distribution that we have but anyway your python code looks correct.

  • Intresting approach of comparing the Inital, Final and Average life expectancies - I didn’t think of that possibility :slightly_smiling_face:

  • I would analyze the scatterplot in the different way: you write about increase of GDP and life expectancy for some countries while the scatterplot doesn’t give us information about the changes in time from year to year. We can assume that there is a positive trend (and this assumption is correct), but we don’t know this yet - this plot just shows all observations as points based on scales for GDP and Life Expectancy. In other words, we cannot confirm that the cases on the right side of the graph happened later than the cases on the left side of the graph. I would start with the visualization of GDP and Life Expectancy values separately per country and then continue with the scatterplot - in this case your conclusions about the increase of values would have been supported by earlier charts.

Congrats on completing the project! :slight_smile: