Portfolio project - here I am


I invite you to visit my Portfolio project.

Code: GitHub - DEric33/akaPortfolio: Portfolio
Site: Portfolio de Eric Darmusié

If your browser speaks French, you should have it in French; otherwise it will be in English.

Thank you for your feedback


Hello @format64,

I am doing my own website now, but I am also watching some other projects :slightly_smiling_face:

Here are some thoughts of mine:

  • your footer constantly moving to adapt the dimensions of the main square. it strains the eyes a bit.
  • the footer contains “22/04/2023”: it is not immediately clear what it means.
  • when you put logos on your page, they are not centered, and the names are not vertically centered.
  • I do not see the interactivity part of your project ?

Hope it can help !

(If you wish to speak french in DM, no problem!)

Thank you for your comments. Yes it helped me a lot.

  • Regarding the footer, it is positioned at the bottom of the text. I suppose you would have seen it more at the bottom of the screen. Is that what bothers you? For the content, it’s true that I was not very imaginative :slight_smile:
  • For the logos, there was a bug indeed.
  • For interactivity, I had seen it as switching either to French or to English automatically on detection of the browser.

In fact, I would put a form. But I can’t find how to handle sending from GitHub. A clue maybe? Preferably free :slight_smile:

  • For French, I force myself not to use it here since at the end of the course, I doubt that the interviews will be done in French… but I could be wrong :slight_smile: