Portfolio Project - Full Stack Path

Thanks for checking out my portfolio project. I’d love to hear any feedback my portfolio site and/or the sample projects. There are links to the GitHub repositories for each of the example projects included on the popup info modals for each project.

I didn’t find this assignment to necessarily be difficult, but it was quite time consuming for me, probably because I kept changing little details and wording. I also probably went a little overboard on the @media statements in my CSS when making the site responsive. I started with two example projects then later added a couple more. I also revised the “About Me” section several times. Unfortunately, the way I wrote the code, these revisions required a considerable amount of code changes to the @media statements.

There is most likely a much more efficient and cleaner way to write this code.

Let me know what you think. Thanks for taking a look!

GitHub repository for my portfolio site

Published portfolio site


Awesome works, the portifolio and the other links!