Portfolio Project (Front End)

Hey there, friend!

Here’s my portfolio project: https://paulnica.me/

I worked on it for a few days, when I had free time to do so. Proud of what I have learned and how it turned out.

I’d love to hear your feedback
Peace, Paul

Really nice! :partying_face:

I like its minimalistic approach. In that, one’s eyes aren’t looking all over the screen to focus. I also like the use of the Typeform for the Contact page.

One minor thing–maybe remove the link to your YT account. Unless social media links are professional in nature, I wouldn’t include them on a portfolio site. (any potential employer doesn’t need to see a person’s socials. There should be a separation between work and personal lives.)

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Thanks a lot for the feedback! Very good input about linking the YT account, so I have linked my Codecademy profile instead.