Portfolio project (front-end)

This is my portfolio project created using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
It took me a week or more to finish it. I’m super slow and spent much time thinking over ideas. I used Git but now my history looks more like the sequence of accidental changes :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
I made two interactive features with JS:

  1. dropdown menu for mobile screens which is shown when you click on the hamburger button;
  2. the button “Read more” in the section “Projects” which shows the additional information when clicked.

Repo: GitHub - makarovangelika/Portfolio
Page: Portfolio of Angelika


Its cool,
Just to mention something, i would prefer to see some margin between your photo and the nav.

Now I’ve added margin. Thank you so much! :blush:

Nice job Angelika!

A couple of small things:

  • The alignment between the elements of the Navbar (your name plus the menu items) with the rest of the page works well till 1200px. When the page get bigger the elements in the navbar continue to expand with almost no margin to the sides of the page but the rest of page get margins and doesn’t expand anymore.

I’m not sure if it’s on purpose.

  • I would like to see maybe more whitespaces between the pictures and the text in the about me section and also in the presentation of the single projects.

  • You should give the user when he (or she) switches to the “contact” page to go back to the home, at least adding a link to the home on your name, or adding an “Home” menu item.

  • When you click on Projects, since you have the fixed-navbar, the title of the section get covered by the Navbar itself. You should let the page scroll a little bit further and it would be nice to have a smooth scrolling.

But nice job! Brava! Keep on coding! :raised_hands: :rocket:

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Thank you for constructive feedback! I was working on your suggestions which helped me improve this project.
About expanding navbar, I set max-width to the main content, but forgot about header. My laptop’s screen isn’t so wide, so it didn’t strike my eye. And of course I see that websites usually have a header aligned with main content. So I’ve fixed it.
Also I used to ignore the problem of fixed header covering the start of the anchor link for too long :laughing:. Now I finally investigated how to fix it and it works well.
Thank you for your time!

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