Portfolio project finally finished

Hello everybody.

I’ve just finished my project and I’d like to know your feedback. :grinning:
Completing it took me about one month because of lack of free time.
Project was devided to few steps:

  1. basic concepts with wiredrawing the page,
  2. designing layout and drawings,
  3. building content structure in HTML and layout for small screens in CSS,
  4. writing CSS for wider screens and JS scripts.

I’ve used Figma to make wiredrawing, design and drawing. Styling the content have been done in mobile first approach.
Texts still need improvement but I’m satisfied with overall effects.
My portfolio link: https://krzysztofleczycki.github.io/portfolio/
My repo link https://github.com/KrzysztofLeczycki/portfolio

I will be gratefull fo your feedback.

Well done, the website has all the content that the customers would like to know.

I suggest you could make use of the whitespace under your logo to highlight the skills you have. The button-like texture of the “skills” makes me think that they are linking to other pages.

Lastly, the links of your project could be more eye-catching.