Portfolio Project - Feedback!

Hi guys, really enjoying the course so far and I wanted to share my portfolio website:

Portfolio Website
GitHub Repo

It’s not perfect and I need to add all of the links as well as adjust the website to be more responsive. The grid system is both my best friend and enemy at the moment, but, I’m getting there.

In terms of interactability I couldn’t think of much to add so just hovering over the left columns will change the font colours. In the long term I’ve seen some cool things with 3.js that I want to do!




I like your stylish website.
As you say, setting responsive more (It’s good to start from big part to small part )makes your site looks better and easy to read!


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You did a better job of the Fotomatic one than I did, that’s for sure. Looks really nice.
I like the Portfolio one too - lots of white space and easy to read.
Love all the full width pics in the nature one but the writing is hard to read in places.
Have you learned Bootstrap - I’m looking at it now and it makes responsiveness much easier.

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Website looks great on desktop. However, mobile first citizen will suffer. Keeps improving

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Honestly my first attempt at the Fotomatic project was an asbolute disaster, I spent two days on it and still couldn’t get it to work! I then started all over again and finally got something that mostly works

I’m coming up to Bootstrap soon so it’s nice to hear it makes life easier!


I find Bootstrap really helpful but you do have to understand flexbox to use it properly I think. It makes it relatively easy to set up your page to be well structured and responsive.

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