Portfolio project feedback please

Hi there,

I’m almost halfway in the front end engineer career path, and I’m really excited to try and complete the course and find work in web or software development this summer, and quit my part time job at Primark. Any feedback on my website would be much appreciated. I probably spent too long on it but still it could be styled a bit better and have better responsiveness for a tablet sized display.

Here is my website, and here is the repository.

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I think it looks pretty good!

In your HtML file try to focus more on semantic HTML. Here’s a reference to all the different CSS selectors available to use besides using divs. It’ll make your page a little more accessible to screenreaders and it’ll clean up your document better.

Other than that adding a <title> to your head might be benefifical.

That’s really all I could find. Great job and good luck on the next project!

Thank you much appreciated!

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Well extremely visually pleasing. Wish more websites were like that. Hope you give all your buttons functionality though as the buttons at the top (when I clicked on the second project) seem to be without purpose as of now. I find useless buttons annoying and or frustrating.
Can’t really help on the code side though.
Forgot the name but you know where I switch between tabs. Those could definitely be changed even if they are all the same with some symbol. Like the one codecademy has. As they look very blank with the standard world on google chrome.

All in all nice Site hope this helps. Good luck on your journey. I hope you make it as a software developer.


Just thinking about it as a proof of concept useless buttons aren’t a bad thing. So I guess it isn’t a problem.


Yeah absolutely agree, I’m hoping be able to add more impressive projects to my portfolio soon with more functionality.

The feedback is much appreciated!

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