Portfolio Project Feedback Please


completed over 2 days, I wanted to create something super simple, readable, that completed the objectives and gives some information about some projects.

I originally had a very specific layout but for responsiveness I cut back to simplicity- I had too many divs and it became beyond my ability to keep track and understand how they all would play out the flex styling rules.

now however I think I have completed the project and I have a solid foundation to build on this website if I choose.

You’re an incredibly talented artist. The styling of the dog website looks great, understated colour scheme bring the art to the forefront.
However there is a ton of typos in the portfolio project. The centred layout of the text is very difficult to read and I don’t feel like the large project links work well.
Give us a glimpse of the dog website and your artistic ability on the portfolio page even if you choose to add smaller links to the other projects to keep the flex styling simple.

Hope this helps.

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It really is a product of frustration and looking back I’m not real happy with the state of this, right off the bat may notes are to correct the many many typos, and organize the readability of the text.

the big links only make sense if I managed to pull off my original layout, I gave myself a deadline and had to move on I’m on something of a time pressure to move through the course content

thank you for the feedback !
I appreciate the time you took to suffer the text ! I’m not a Neanderthal - Honest !

happy coding !