Portfolio Project - feedback needed

Hello there!

I’m Nikita and I’ve recently completed (at least to some point) my personal portfolio website.

I’ll be glad to receive feedback and critics. Thanks!


The portfolio website looks clean enough, though I have some suggestions…

  1. The hover effect for projects section is decent, although the effect for the skills section doesn’t look smooth and gives a bad UX.
  2. Make the ‘project section cards’ point your GitHub repo.
  3. Make the header section not sticky? Text overlaps when one scrolls down.
  4. Not responsive enough & remove boiler plate content
    Hope these suggestions help:)

Hi Nikita,

I am not an expert in UX Design, just a beginner learner, so apologies for not giving you an expert feedback. I absolutely love the background and colour scheme, and I love the font.
The hover, turning the colours brighter is very nice, and the tic-tac-toe picture is gorgeous.
It would be great to see the projects when you get them linked, and how this webpage develops.
Best wishes for your success!


Hi Nikita!
Great work, i really like the color scheme and overall look and feel. Some remarks:

  1. When hovering over the skills in the skills section, the skill icon disappears. This looks strang.
  2. Try hiding the header Section once the user scrolled down a bit, but have it reappear once he scrolled up. (Check here to see how i mean: https://www.android.com/) This looks neat and allows focus on content without overlapping navigation. (may help with 5. aswell)
  3. I would expect my selected Style to be saved between page reloads.
  4. The “Change Style” button does not work every time.
  5. Check if you can improve the UX on mobile devices. There is much overlapping going on especially in horizontal format.
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Hi Nikita,

May i suggest using react-reveal to add some animations when scrolling.
very easy to learn and use ! check it out