Portfolio Project - Feedback appreciated

Hello everyone,

This may be my first post! This project had some difficulty to it for me. I’m sure my code is not the cleanest and could use some tweaking. The time taken to complete this project was about two weeks. There were a few road blocks here and there. Certainly a good learning experience.

Here is the link to the project. I would appreciate any feedback anyone could give me. I’m trying to get into this coding game.


Thank you!

I really like your website, I like how personal it is and the design of your gallery. The mobile responsiveness is really great as well. I’m just starting this too and it is great to get ideas from other people’s sites. You have a lot of great projects on here.

Here are a few suggestions to consider for your home page:

  • change the cursor: pointer for your gallery tiles to let people know they can click on them
  • try and replace some of your divs with semantic html tags
    • ex: perhaps change nav to header and get rid of the .nav div surrounding it
  • typo in your email link–gmail

Hope that gives you a few ideas for improvements. Thanks for sharing your website.

Thank you so much! You are right, I need to go back and change the cursor to a pointer.

Thanks for the pointers on the semantic tags! Good call.

Also, thanks for pointing out the typo error! I’m kind of shocked there was only one so far. ha

Thanks again and best of luck to you!

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