Portfolio Project: Django Delights

Hello everyone!
Here is my finished project: GitHub - CafelatteHere/django_delights: Codeacademy study project (creating an app tracking restaurant inventory, menu, recipes, purchases)
If you have any ideas about it or maybe noticed some errors, please kindly tell!

It took me really a lot of time, so I admire people who finished it in several days :slight_smile:

Here I put some effort at:

  • Making Balance (profit) view displaying not only total profit and revenue, but also the numbers for some given period (calculated profit and revenue for the previous day).

  • Adding conditions that purchase can’t be made if Menu item ingredients are not enough and displaying error message. That was not easy, but I’ve completed the task! The message is static because I haven’t added any Javascript to project - at least for now.

  • Also in Ingredient DetailView I’ve added the list of Menu items in which it is currently used.

  • And in Menu Item DetailView I’ve added the the list Ingredients that are used in this recipe.

Some challenges I was not able to clear:
x How to handle ProtectedError and redirect user to some friendly error-displaying page if I want to use on_delete.PROTECT.
I.e. not to allow the user to delete an ingredient instance as long as it is used in some menu item. Or let the record of purchase to stay even if Menu item instance is deleted.

If you have succeeded in this challenge, could you give me your github project link to see how did you solve it?