Portfolio Project - Dakota Hatch

Hey everyone, looking for some feedback on my portfolio. The overall project was pretty simple, after I decided how I wanted it to look, however finding a spot to add JavaScript was a bit difficult. This project took me about a week to complete. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

**Note: the contact form does not yet work, as I have not learned php yet.

Repository: GitHub - 11kotes11/My-Portfolio
Website: Dakota Hatch

Hi, Dakota.

Great job on finishing the project.

Some notes I have for you:

  1. I noticed there are two <h2> elements being used for “Front-End Web Developer” because of the dashes. However, I would suggest using ::before and ::after on the <h2> to display the dashes (this would eliminate the need for a second tag for mobile view) or wrapping the dashes in <span> with aria-hidden to hide them from screen readers.

  2. This is a personal preference, but when there isn’t a lot of content, I think it makes more sense to have the contact form and projects (though I see that content is still a WIP) on the same page.

  3. Finally, the about me section could benefit from additional whitespace. There’s good spacing between the heading and the image, but everything else is smooshed. Extra margins and line-height should fix that up in a jiffy!

I hope you find this helpful. Keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

Happy coding!~

Thank you so much, for taking a look at my project and thanks for the advice.

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Very nice very elegante.

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