Portfolio project completed

Hey Everyone,

In advance, thanks for looking at my project.

I would appreciate any feedback.

Little overview. I got the responsive hamburger menu from the internet. It’s not my code. Unfortunately, there is nothing to be proud of. But i feel like overall, it’s not that bad.

The form validation i did on my own, though i got ideas from the internet.

Here it is https://kapza94.github.io/

Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi, Luka!

Great job on finishing this project!

Here are some of my notes:

  1. I saw that two h1 elements were being used. While some will debate the use of multiple h1 tags as "proper," I believe sticking with best practices is the better option.

  2. unordered list screenshot
    This would be a great opportunity to use :before instead of creating additional elements that need to be hidden from screen readers. For example:
    ul li+li:before {
      content: '-';
      padding-inline: 1rem;

    Would give you the same results; you would only need to adjust the CSS for the mobile nav.

  3. With the current greeting, the lines of text are pretty smooshed.

    Some additional line-height would give it some "breathing" room.

  4. Currently, "Contact" in the navigation does not take the user to the contact section, as it is set to contact-section instead of contact

  5. Lastly, I noticed that the outline on the input elements was set to "inset", and "none" on the submit button. I would consider this bad practice as it takes away their visual cue when focused, an important feature for those who navigate web pages by using the tab key. If the style of the outline is an issue, it can be easily changed to fit the design of the page.

You did a great job! Keep it up. :slight_smile:

Happy coding!~

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Thanks so much i have taken into account all of your advice and applied it besides the li- before after. Everything else has been done i REALLY appreaciate it! means a lot.

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Very nice like the way you styled it.

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Thanks so much!!! :smiley: