Portfolio Project - Check it out!

Please take a look at my Portfolio Project and let me know what y’all think!!

I’m pretty proud of this one :slight_smile:



Hi Kalyn,
nice work! I like your design. Nice typography.
Just a few minor suggestions:

  • I would limit the “about me” text block to a size that limits the amount of characters per row to 80 max for a better readability.
  • Maybe you could introduce a second, lighter color for the main navigation hover color, or you use a lighter shade of your current theme color. Currently, the contrast on the background is not very strong when hovering.
  • I would increase the line height for the headings slightly.
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Thank you so much for the suggestions! I will definitely update these things :slight_smile:

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Hi Kalyn,
Great work, your portfolio looks very professional, especially projects You already done are amazing. My only suggestion would be a little bit more padding between projects in web design and development section. But its only my opinion. I love that 3D effect when you hover over project it distinct nicely from the background.
You have a lot of passion. Keep It up :slight_smile: