Portfolio Project Attempt

Hi all, here’s my go at the portfolio project.

  • I found it pretty tricky, but was trying to push myself and try a few new little things.
  • It was fun however - seeing it come together was very satisfying. Although I felt a bit of a lull after doing alot of the CSS/styling as it felt that I would spend hours tweaking things that did not affect how the site looked (or if they did, not by much).
  • I’ve lost track of the time spent playing on this project, in the region of a few days - less than 1 week.


Live Site

I hope you like the project - any feedback very welcome!



Hey, I like the design. Users can even switch from dark to light mode, I love that, it showcases your skills. I forgot to add that to mine. It’s pretty cool

Thanks a lot :grin:
I only did the colour mode as something that allowed me to implement JS… I find JS a struggle generally! How did you implement it into yours?

I didn’t. I dont know how to do it, plus I just forgot.

Fair enough!
For what it’s worth - I didn’t know either - Google and Stack Overflow helped a lot in making this project :+1:t2:

I am yet to start my journey. But just looking at your website was truly inspirational!
I loved the Light & Dark mode. It’s inspiring to see a Dentist like you trying to make your way into a Coding career
Thanks for sharing your work. Unfortunately, I am not skilled yet to give feedback on your GitHub repo but your efforts were highly motivating :slight_smile:

i checked your portfolio and it’s amazing i want to implement the dark mode in mine too!

Just love it! Way to go :+1:

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Wow, thanks very much for such a thoughtful message :+1:t3:

Thanks alot, appreciated!