Portfolio Project | about 30% of Full Stack

Hi all!

This project took a bit of time. But I liked it! Not alway ofcourse but overall I 'm quite glad and I think I learned a lot doing this project. This includes finding out how to get the form working and mailing to my account.
As an estimate I say I spent about 16 hours on it, including design etc.

Don’t forget to give feedback!

Experience the portfolio right here!

Bye, Steve

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I get a quirky feel when going through the website, if that was the desired effect then kudos!

My only suggestion would be to move:

Last couple of months I’ve been crunching it. The list of web projects is really piling up. Okay… that’s not entirely true, but I think it’s going really well. Some of the works you can see here.

Either to the left of your project or above. In this paragraph, you’re introducing your projects, so it seems a little counterproductive to give that notice after people have already seen your project. That, or split it up and put the last sentence in a different area.

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