Portfolio Page!

Hey everyone!

So I finally have my portfolio project off the ground!


I did about 4 days of research on dribbble, behance and other websites gathering inspiration from other portfolio websites that I thought looked great.
I spent about 2 days in figma taking these various inspirations and building a wire frame.
A week was spent in the actual code and getting it to the point where it was functioning and working as intended!

Let me know what you think or if you get any errors with it! Thanks!


I like your website, it’s minimalist and clean. My favorite feature is the banner on the opening.

But there are some areas of concern:

  • on the navigation bar: home, about, portfolio → direct to the same banner on your page
  • content is missing in blog section
  • contact does not link anything


  • disable contact, blog, until some content is there
  • on navigation bar: link home → banner, link about → about me section of page, link portfolio → portfolio section on page

The styles look good! I would definitely agree with sgraveend though, that you should fix the broken navigation.

Thank you so much! I’ll get right on it! I’m still trying to figure out how to build a blog!!! It wasn’t as easy as I thought!!

WOW This is awesome! You are really skilled! I love the section where it has what you are reading and working on, I want to include that in my portfolio as well!