Pop in python



just to say. Before this nobody explaned how pop() worked and in this excercise we should somehow know. Or am I mistaken?


If you don’t know (which is perfectly possible), you can always check documentation:



Yes i can, but i think that if i am paying for tutorial i should get explenation on this subject.

cuz i think 90% of people will write in this case


I do applogize, but before i got error for doing that, now it is ok.
Sorry again


I understand, but given the massive amount of programming languages, libraries, frameworks and so on, its impossible to remember every function, so reading documentation is actually quite common (even for senior developers!). So learning to read documentation is actually a useful thing to teach yourself

given you are taking course, of you can expect help :wink: Which in this case consisted of advise to read documentation, if further help was needed, that would have been provided.


thx…sorry again, but code did not work before not it does. And that is what it counts.


for next time, if you have code that doesn’t work, please also include your code in the topic. That makes it easier for the helping side to help you troubleshoot the issue


The one’s you’re paying should be filling this role. We are volunteers on the forums, not paid staff. Speak with your advisor or coach if you need expert advice. We are not the ones to be doing their jobs for them, only help you along as best we can.