Poorly written CSS course

I think the CSS course is poorly written. Compared to the other courses as HTML.
It’s just hard to understand.

Constructive criticism/feedback is always welcome, its difficult to improve something if you don’t know how its poorly written, or why this course is more difficult?

Programming is very difficult thing, CSS might simply be more complex then html

i mean, html is just elements on a page. With css, we can style, we can position, so much more (okay, i am simplifying a bit, but its true)

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The main thing making it hard to understand is the word choiceses.
Sometimes it’s not described well nether.

can you give an example?

Translating from instructions to result has always been a huge part of programming, now it are instructions which require translating, later in the job, you are just told what you need to build, you need to figure it all out. So a bit of practice in the lessons is not too bad, it will teach you valuable skills you need

don’t get me wrong, if there is really something to be improved upon, i will see what i can do, but i am also sharing my point of view

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Example: type — this attribute describes the type of document that you are linking to (in this case, a CSS file). The value of this attribute should be set to text/css. I just didn’t know why it is ‘text/CSS’ since theres no explanation that could just be nice. But I still think it’s a good tutorial. You just maybe need to read it twice sometimes. So just more explanation could make it better. :slight_smile:

feel free to check sites like MDN for additional background information, MDN has good documentation on html, css and JS

In computer programming, there are so many layers of abstraction, sometimes you just have to take things for granted

here is what you are looking for in this particular case:


looking up and learning to read documentation is also a good skill. Don’t fully rely on a single source

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Thanks my dear friend!