Poor quality/unprofessional materials

I don’t expect to pay nearly £200 and receive absolute rubbish content like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dfQlhjmb-P0

Almost all the videos I’ve used so far seem like a rush job; no real effort has been put into them; all littered with mistakes. How do you expect people to learn when your instructors lack clarity?

The instructional videos I’ve viewed are of poor quality. Next time you record audio, instead of using that worthless laptop microphone try this - take a jack cable and cut it in half, strip the plastic from the cables on one end and insert shoddily into a potato, take the other end and plug that into the computer. Presto! you have a better quality microphone -.-
. Poor show.

Hi there – Thanks for your feedback. I’ve just sent this video over to our Curriculum Quality team to have a look at it. If there are specifics spots in the video where clarity is lacking, please point them out here. Thanks again!