Poor instructions in JS course

First of all let me say that I’m completely new to coding since of end of April. Secondly I think that this site is great in so many ways. I also know that not everyone that will read this will agree but I’ve googled some on the topic and there is absolutly likeminded people out there.

For the most part the instructions are good. But then all of a sudden you read instructions saying “set the _certifications”. Okay set it to what? Then I’m thinking… no problem ill just look at the hint. Okay great…there is no hint. I don’t know how many times this has happend and after doing that atleast 20 times by now I swear every time I go like “that’s it, No more codecademy! This is stupid!”.
For someone who is completely new to this you need repetition until it sticks and someone to help you along the way to do that. Then you dont want a stinky peice of instruction and no way to go about it without hitting the solution button and then restart it from the beginning once you get what is asked of you. This is so god ■■■■ frustrating cause it could be done so much better and thorough in an otherwise brilliant and great invironment.

Then I read somewhere that someone suggested. to go into the Forum and read up there. So I try to do that and it’s a complete nightmare to try to find anything useful there. I surely considered subscribing for a while but if this is what you get I’m absolutly sure I’m just buying into a bad mood and headaches.

To be constructive and not just a sorry old fart I would suggest going through the course materials and not assume that people will allways know what you are asking for. If you are new and trying to keep up with the language and all the right terms it can seem like total gibberish. Also add more hints where ther are none and also a direct link to the JS forum with a auto search for the chapter of something like it. It feels really daunting and offputting when you are thrown into a forum with no idea how to access the right material or where to do it.

Hey there.

Sorry you’re finding the JavaScript course confusing! :frowning:

Can you tell us which lesson/exercise you’re talking about? That way either someone from the forum (like me :slight_smile:) can try and clarify whatever has got you stumped or someone from Codecademy can review the content and take action if necessary.

If there are no suitable topics, you can always make your own, then we can specifically help you with what you need :slight_smile: The response time on the forum is often quite fast

I agree, ever since the re-organization of the javascript courses, the forum of JS is a mess, given the forum didn’t update properly with, and its confusing what is what (there are two JS courses)

updates to forum (FAQ) are on the way, but this takes time. Hopefully that will make the forum better :slight_smile:

figuring things out is a huge part of programming. In a junior job you might just be told to build something, and that you have to figure it out (you might have a senior developer helping you). I know you don’t like hearing this, but vague instructions can be good practice. Yes, i know, its a frustrating part in programming. But in programming things might not always be straightforward, even while learning

But do please come with questions to the forum so we can help to maximize your learning. Good luck!

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As an experienced programmer (20+ years), I also felt the flow of the JS course was awkward and as I’ve mentioned elsewhere, some of the topics are in the wrong order. I felt the final section was a huge jump from the previous sections. I got 95% through the course and gave up.