[Poll] Which is Better to Learn? Objective-C or Swift

Please note that this is an unofficial poll, and that I am just interested to see what the different results will be. We know that Swift was made to replace Objective-C because Objective-C was in use for 20+ years. We also know that Apple created Swift to bring their companies main programming language up to date with other modern programming languages. Accordingly, I would say that Swift is my favorite language, but what is your opinion on Swift and Objective-C?

  • Swift Is Better to Learn
  • Objective-C is Better to Learn
  • You Should learn them both

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If you purpose is to make apps for iphone/ipad, you should learn swift(2). For the rest, i find comparing programming languages not that useful, most programming language serve different purposes/excel at something else. Or is used more in a certain field.

Just pick the language that gets the job done

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That is true, but I also know that Swift was made to replace Objective-C, and am wondering what others peoples views would be on it. But yes, that is a very good point.

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Yeah, so Iā€™d say learn that one as it will probably be more relevant now. :slight_smile: