[Poll] Which code editor(s) do you use the most?



Update: This poll is outdated, please go to the newer one instead:

@albionsrefuge suggested I make a poll about code editors, which sounded like a great idea, so:

Which code editor(s) do you use the most?

  • Brackets
  • Atom
  • Sublime Text
  • Notepad(++)
  • Cloud9
  • Eclipse
  • Terminal based (Vim, Vi, Nano, etc.)
  • Other (please name it below)


You may choose up to 3 options.

Thanks for taking the poll!

Unfortunately, I'm not able to edit the poll, because of how Discourse works. But comments on it are still welcome :)

Favorite text editors?
Making a "real" website outside of codecademy

You don't have Android Studio, Netbeans, Visual Studio.


@dondabrera I'd be happy to add those for you, but I can't because Discourse won't let me. After the first five minutes, they don't let me edit the poll :/.


@zystvan Maybe you could collect suggestions for a few days or so and then build the poll again.


@albionsrefuge but then all the previous votes will be lost... do you think it's worth it?


I'm not sure. Something to keep in mind for your next poll :smile:


There is this Vms called Koding that looks promising, I haven't looked into it much yet. https://koding.com/


No mentions to any of JetBrain's IDE? :disappointed_relieved: (At least PyCharm).


@arccoder77254 I'll try to add that when I create this again, thanks for the suggestion.
@edwin0258 Nice, I'll take a look at it soon :)


@albionsrefuge Now that I've created the new poll, what should we do with this one? Leave it here, or delete it?


Whichever you'd like. It might be confusing for someone to come along and find this one.


I think you're right. Would you mind deleting this? I'm not trusted enough by Discourse yet :confused:


No problem..........